Tips & Tricks for Color Blast

How to Color Blast & Have a Great Time!

Tips and Tricks 

1. Wear as much white as you can, but don’t wear anything you care too much about. Don’t forget to take before and after photos!

2. Be prepared for there to be a LOT of people. Plan enough time to park, put on your bib numbers, and remember, everyone is here to have FUN!

3. It’s actually not a race. The Color Blast is fun run/walk event geared toward families. This is not a timed event. If you are colorful at the end… you’ve won! Run, walk, skip, hop or twirl your way along the course.

4. Bring a ziploc baggie for your phone. You’ll want to take pictures but don’t want to ruin your phone.

5. Sunglasses, bandanas, swim googles and buffs are all great for keeping powder out of your nose, mouth and eyes.

6. Bring a change of clothes and lots of protective layers for your car. Beach towels, large garbage bags, a bag to put your colored clothes/shoes in for the ride home.

7. Baby wipes are great for wiping hands, faces, etc. post race.

8. If you’d like to keep your post race color blasted t-shirt as a souvenir, remove gently & lay flat, spray generously with white vinegar until soaked, dry flat then use an iron on high heat to set the colored powder.

We hope you have a BLAST!