Welcome to the Bedford School District and thank you for your interest in the volunteer programs offered by the schools. The Bedford school community takes great pride in the partnership that has been established between the administration, school staffs and community in working together to further the education of our children. All six Bedford Schools have received the Blue Ribbon Award from the New Hampshire Partners in Education for many years.

We hope to provide you with some ideas on how you can help. We only cover the basics here however, as all our schools have varying needs.

Mission Statement

The Bedford Parent Teacher Group (PTG) was developed to create a working partnership with parents, teachers and school administration to foster a cooperative, enriching learning environment for the students in the Bedford School District. The Bedford PTG sponsors educational programs such as Math Superstars, It’s A G.A.S., Opportunities Reaching Kids (O.R.K.) and Artist in Residence. These programs have been supported through thousands of volunteer hours, in addition to numerous hours spent by our Room Parents and Classroom Volunteers. These volunteer hours have contributed to our successive Blue Ribbon Awards (Official Recognition of Volunteer Excellence) throughout our elementary, intermediate, middle and high schools. Through our fundraising efforts we have funded the above named programs and appropriated additional monies to help support the individual needs of our Bedford schools. We invite and encourage parents, teachers and administrators to support and participate in our Bedford PTG volunteer opportunities!

Ways You Can Help

For some people, volunteering on a regular basis is just not possible. There are ways to stay actively involved in your child’s education even if you have limited hours.

Each school has fundraisers for the benefit of that particular school. For instance, Peter Woodbury and Riddle Brook Schools have an annual Family Fun Night which includes a basket raffle and ice cream social. Memorial School hosts a Spring Fling, which includes a dinner and a basket raffle. McKelvie has a Move-a-Thon and Ross A. Lurgio their annual Witch Way to the 5k, each of which raise funds for needed school equipment, both technological and physical.

In addition to each school, the Bedford Parent Teacher Group offers a variety of ways to get involved and help the schools. Opportunities Reaching Kids (O.R.K.), It’s a G.A.S. (Great Artists Series) and Math Superstars are all programs that require volunteers.

School Policy

All volunteers are under the supervision of the building principal and are immediately responsible to the classroom staff member with whom the volunteer is assigned. If a volunteer has a question about school policies or procedures, it should be discussed with the appropriate school personnel and not outside the school.  Volunteers should feel free to discuss concerns with the classroom teacher, principal or volunteer coordinator.

Placement of volunteers shall be by mutual agreement between the appropriate school staff and volunteer.  Volunteers are matched with a teacher after the volunteer coordinator ascertains the classroom needs. We hope this will be a pleasant and rewarding experience.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact the volunteer coordinator at your school.

Forms you can download and fill out to start helping out in your school:

Peter Woodbury Forms:
Volunteer Letter
Volunteer Descriptions
Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Memorial Elementary School Forms:
Volunteer Request Letter
Volunteer Descriptions
Volunteer Sign-Up Form

McKelvie Volunteer Information and Sign-up Form

Lurgio Volunteer Information and Sign-Up Form

BHS Volunteer Letter

PTG Support Form

Suggested Guidelines For Volunteers

School volunteers are caring committed people who assist in the education of our children.  Volunteers come in all ages, from all walks of life.  No specific educational background or training is needed.

  • Sign in at the office upon entering and leaving the school when volunteering.
  • Wear a volunteer name tag at all times while in the building.
  • Record hours on the Volunteer Time Sheet.
  • Keep volunteer appointments and be prompt.
  • If a volunteer appointment cannot be kept, the proper person should be notified as far in advance as possible or a replacement should be found.
  • A volunteer’s work is confidential.  Students should not be discussed with anyone except the appropriate school personnel.

Remember to sign in at the office and wear your name tag – Thank you!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact the PTG Volunteer Coordinators at your school to learn more about volunteer opportunities and upcoming events! There are so many ways to get involved so please give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you.

Bedford High School:
Bonnie Greiner

McKelvie Intermediate School:
Anne Mikol

Stacy  Norris

Memorial Elementary School:

Barbara Hardy

Peter Woodbury School:
Kim Beekman
Mandy Underwood

Riddle Brook Elementary School:
Amy Ciruso
Jena Slosberg

Ross A. Lurgio Middle School:

Kira Hatem

Thank you for your continued support!