Executive Board 2018/19

Officers/Executive Board
Co-President            Sue Jennato
Co-President            Amy Dion
VP – Fundraising      Kim Beekman
VP – Publicity           Lynne Natale
Secretary                  Sarah Lang
Treasurer                  Sally Thomas

School Liaisons/Executive Board
Bedford High School                      Tracy Healy and Anne Mikols
Ross A. Lurgio Middle School        Mandy Underwood
McKelvie Intermediate School       Heather Noonan and Pamm Hughes
Memorial Elementary School         Kenn Archibald and Marc Murai
Peter Woodbury School                 Kelly O’Donnell
Riddle Brook Elementary School   Lauren Martin

School Administrative Representatives/Executive Board
Bedford High School                 Bob Jozokos
Memorial Elementary School    Phil Schappler


Bedford Parent Teacher Group Coordinators
Master PTG Coordinator List:    PTG Coordinator List-2018-19

School Board Liaison
Chair   Jay Nash


To reach a PTG Board Member or Coordinator email BedfordNHPTG@gmail.com