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There are many ways to get involved!

Fundraising – Our fundraising committee reviews and evaluates all our present and future PTG funded programs and fundraising efforts, that will best meet our needs and goals.

Grandparents’ Day/Senior Citizens’ Day – Grandparents and seniors of the community are invited to a luncheon and a special tour and entertainment at each school.

Hospitality – Hospitality is responsible for coordinating refreshments at PTG monthly general meetings.  A group, called the “Baker or Buy”, will form to support PTG fundraisers and special events.  Hospitality will also communicate all special correspondence when needed.

Support – By supporting the PTG, you can help to sponsor enrichment programs in the school and assist in purchasing equipment and learning materials for our children. There is no set annual cost, just whatever donation amount with which you are comfortable. Please complete and return the provided envelope to your child’s school. We appreciate and thank you for your support of the Bedford PTG.

Room Parent Program – Teachers may request one or more room parents to assist with parties and special projects.  The PTG assists teachers to help contact class parents for special events and support.

Volunteer Program – School volunteers are matched to teacher-requested jobs throughout the school year.  No experience is needed and training is provided.  These volunteers may be asked to volunteer one time, once a week or once a month.  All volunteers have contributed to our successive Blue Ribbon Awards throughout our elementary and middle schools.

Forms you can download and fill out to start helping out in your school:

Peter Woodbury Forms:
Volunteer Letter
Volunteer Descriptions
Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Memorial Elementary School Forms:
Volunteer Letter
Volunteer Descriptions
Volunteer Sign-up Form

Riddle Brook Elementary School Volunteer Sign-up Packet – COMING SOON

McKelvie Volunteer Information and Sign-up Form

RAL Volunteer Information and Sign-up Form

Bedford High School Volunteer Information

The Bedford Parent Teacher Group (PTG) was developed several years ago to create a working partnership with parents, teachers and school administration.  Its intent is to foster a cooperative, as well as, an enriched learning environment for the students of the Bedford School District.  Throughout the year, there are a number of opportunities available to parents who would like to be involved in supporting the programs sponsored by the PTG.  There is a great group of people who currently share their time and energy continuing our mission.  We could use your help.

For current volunteer opportunities, please check with the Volunteer Coordinator in your school…

Bedford High School:
Bonnie Greiner

McKelvie Intermediate School:
Stacy Norris

Anne Mikol

Memorial Elementary School:
Barbara Hardy

Peter Woodbury School:
Kim Beekman
Mandy Underwood

Riddle Brook Elementary School:
Amy Ciruso
Jena Slosberg

Ross A. Lurgio Middle School:
Kira Hatem

PTG Support Form

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Grandparents’ Day/Senior Citizens’ Day
Hospitality (Bake or Buy)

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Volunteer Programs

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