Color Blast Course Info

The Color Blast fun run will start outside the left corner of Lurgio Middle School. There is plenty of room here for all participants as well as spectators. Runners will run clockwise around the school heading out the main entrance to Nashua Road. The runners will make a right onto Nashua Road.

The runners will need to STAY LEFT in the lane FACING traffic. Nashua Road will be closed to traffic during the first part of this race so there will be no oncoming traffic. It’s important to stay left as the returning runners will be coming back on the other side of the road.

About 3/4 of a mile down Nashua Road, make a right onto HAMILTON WAY. Please continue to stay on the left side of the road. Continue on Hamilton Way until the very end of the street. The first and ONLY water stop, is located at the end of Hamilton Way. At the end of Hamilton Way make a right onto JEFFERSON ROAD. This is the only major hill on the course. Jefferson Road is a loop that comes back down to Hamilton. Make a left at Hamilton and head back out the way you came. Follow Hamilton Way back out to Nashua Road where you will be making a left to head back to the school.

Staying on the left side facing traffic, follow Nashua Road back to the Middle School where you will be making a left into the main entrance of the school. You will make a right turn to run back around the high school in a counter clockwise direction to the starting line that will now be the FINISH of the ColorBlast 5K!!