Principal Winter Reading Night

Click here to download the 2017 PRINCIPAL WINTER READING NIGHT flyer

The Bedford principals and vice principals from all six schools, elementary through high school, provide a family fun-filled evening of entertainment centered on reading their favorite storybooks to children and families. During this wintery time of year, record numbers of families have historically attended from throughout our community for the Annual Winter Reading Night event sponsored by the Bedford Parent Teacher Group.

Children arrive at the McKelvie Intermediate School cafeteria wearing comfy pajamas and sit on cozy blankets and pillows while they enjoy listening to the wonderful tales that are animatedly read to them. The audience watch, laugh, and listen as the principals compete for applause by trying to “out-do each other”. They wear costumes, play musical instruments and improvise as they take the children on a journey designed to enhance their love of reading. The stories are projected onto a screen so that the entire audience can follow along creating a unique experience for everyone.

Light refreshments and healthy snacks are served and although admission tickets are required, there is no charge for this heart-warming activity. Winter decorations and support for the event are provided by the CAT team which is a service-based organization at McKelvie Intermediate School. There are readings at 4:30pm and 6:30pm with each reading lasting about an hour in length. This wonderful event hosted by the Bedford PTG is anticipated with enthusiasm every year!