Executive Board 2021/22

Officers/Executive Board
Co-President            Sonya van der Meer
Co-President            Amy Dion
VP – Fundraising      Ashley Febvay
VP – Publicity           Tejal Saraiya
Secretary                  Sue Jennato
Treasurer                  Kelly O’Donnell

School Liaisons/Executive Board
Bedford High School                       Anne Mikol and Sue Russell
Ross A. Lurgio Middle School         Shailagh Klicker
McKelvie Intermediate School       Amy Gagnon and Candice Benson
Memorial Elementary School         Jenny Landwehr and Hailey Brennen
Peter Woodbury School                  Emily Sheff and Meg Duhaime
Riddle Brook Elementary School    Becca Durrell 

School Administrative Representatives/Executive Board
Peter Woodbury School     Cheryl Daley
Ross A. Lurgio                     Ed Joyce


Bedford Parent Teacher Group Coordinators
PTG Board, District and School Coordinator List 2021-22

School Board Liaison
Chair   Bill Foote/Mindy Bator


To reach a PTG Board Member or Coordinator email BedfordNHPTG@gmail.com for more information